What is the Music Aptitude Test?

The Music Aptitude Test (or MAT) is a first round secondary school music entrance exam designed to test the candidates 'natural' musicality.

My child has music lessons already, so why the need for 'specialist' ear training resources?

The MAT questions are not instrument specific and in fact are designed to try and remove any advantage an instrument student might have. The sounds are electronically generated so that any standard music pupil will not necessarily associate what they are hearing with their own instrument.

Partial Tones

The MAT tests include questions which will require the student to hear intervals that are smaller than most western instruments can play and therefore standard music ear training for graded music exams is not sufficient. Our resources have exercises designed to help the student hear and decipher these intervals.

How many questions in the MAT?

The MAT is normally 60 specialist audio questions split across four catagories: Pitch, Melody, Texture & Rhythm.

What happens if a candidate fails the MAT?

In most instances the MAT is a first round test with the second round being a perfomance exam. If the candidate does not pass the MAT they will most likely not be invited back to perform.



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