Learning Centre

The MAT UK Learning Centre has a variety of online tests and tutorials to develope an understanding of the Music Aptitude Test and train the candidate for the various specialist questions in the MAT. The Learning Centre is a members only resource so once you have subscribed and log in the premium content wil become available.

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  • Unlimited Online Pitch Tests
  • Partial Tones Tutorials
  • Learn to avoid the 'trick questions'


  • Unlimited Online Melody Tests
  • Melody section explained
  • Avoid easily made mistakes


  • Unlimited Online Texture Tests
  • Texture section explained
  • How to 'hear' how many notes are in a chord


  • Unlimited Online Rhythm Tests
  • Rhythm section explained
  • Avoid easy to make mistakes


One year membership benefits:

  • Online Learning Centre
  • Unlimited Tests online
  • Results stored online so you can track progress

Six month membership includes:

  • Learning Centre
  • Unlimited MATs, Pitch, Melody, Texture & Rhythm
  • Results stored online so you can track

Three month membership benefits:

  • Learning Centre
  • Unlimited Online MATs
  • Results stored online so you can track progress

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